ThirstyThursdays: Best Wine Pairings for Easter Lamb

Apart from the chocolate overdose of this coming weekend, one of our other favourite things about Easter is of course the traditional Roast Lamb dinner that we are all well acquainted with at this point in our Irish lives. Lamb is the traditional dish of Easter Sunday in many households, though it’s popularity sees it roasted (and devoured) all year round. But most importantly, it makes way for us to try some delicious red wines to accompany it!


Red Wine Easter Dinner Roast Lamb

Spring lamb has a unique taste which is slightly milder and less gamey, but still delivers a richness that could rival your steak dinner, which makes the meat ideal for some great bottles of red.


One of the classic pairings that would share the table with lamb is a nice bottle of Bordeaux. Such as Château Guillo Bordeaux Superier; a powerful full-bodied and distinguished wine with a beautiful deep colour. Another great addition would be Château Caillou les Martins Lussac St Émilion, deep colour with purplish reflections. Warm red fruit nose with a well-structured palate of ripe, earthy fruits.


If you were after something slightly quirky to bring to the table, Glorioso Reserve Rioja is a great wine with mellow black fruit flavours and a velvet-like texture making it a perfect wine to enjoy with roast lamb, or even some hard cheese if you are breaking out the cheese board on Sunday evening.


Looking for a treat this Sunday? Then you must try Crozes-Hermitage Grand Classique Syrah which is a beautiful deep purple, with nose of blackcurrant and blackberry and a touch of spice.


And if you are going all out, then you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Champagne Boizel Rosé. A fine and subtle bouquet reveals fruity and delicate notes of raspberries and wild strawberries. These refined fruity aromas are intense and blend harmoniously with citrus notes, smooth spices and an elegant subtle minerality.


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