6 Merlots You Need to Try for International #MerlotDay!

It’s international #MerlotDay! That’s right, wine is such an incredible beverage that we have international celebrations even for it’s many different varieties. Along with cabernet sauvignon, merlot is one of the world’s most popular grape varieties, particularly in the Bordeaux region. It’s dark grapes provide a deliciously dark wine with an incredibly diverse array of food pairings, from red meats to fish dishes.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to go over the tasting notes from some of the favourite and most popular merlots in our range!

From the Central Valley in Chile, the Paraiso is an intense red conjuring up deep red berries and spicy aromas. It is a smooth-bodied wine for a pleasant finish.


Sensi Collezione


The famous Sensi of Tuscany put their own spin on the variety with this fine example of a stylish Italian merlot. A full bodied wine with excellent weight of warm black cherry and plum fruits, well rounded tannins with light oak ageing.
San Esteban


Another delight from Chile, this time from the world renowned Aconcagua Valley, is the San Esteban. The wine is medium bodied with bright with deep red highlights. On the nose you’ll discover plum and berry aromas with spicy notes on the finish.
Tres Palacios


The Maipo Valley is a wine region close to Chile’s capital of Santiago and is home to the Tres Palacios winery. Their merlot has a full and chunky mouth, with good fruit expression and weight. It is soft and velvety; all combining for a truly unique elegance.


The Valdivieso Single Valley Lot merlot hails from the Curicó Valley, part of the aforementioned Central Valley. It is dark red with violet tones and intense dark fruits, ripe cherries, plums and spicy notes from ageing in oak barrels. The palate is elegant and smooth.
Les Cabanelles


Something from a little closer to home is the Les Cabanelles merlot from the Languedoc region in France. It has soft, fruity aromas of cherry, blackcurrant and strawberry fruit. Intense flavours on the palate with good balance and ripe, supple tannins.
What merlots will you be trying tonight to celebrate World #MerlotDay? We’d love to hear so be sure to let us know through our social channels!

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